Plantiva Aller Dx (1x60CAP )

Plantiva Aller Dx (1x60CAP )

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Enjoy Plantiva Aller Dx. Plantiva Aller Dx 60 Capsules Dietary Supplement Seasonal Relief Restores Nasal Airflow Clinically Tested Defends Against Environmental Sensitivities Allerdx Is A Clinically-Tested Blend Of Herbal Ingredients Created By Doctors To Help Control And Moderate The Body’s Reaction To Seasonal Environmental Stresses. Allerdx Is Designed To Help Regulate The Immune System As Well As Reduce Sensitivity To Conditions In Your Environment. Allerdx Addresses Both The Cause And The Symptoms Of Seasonal Challenges Without Drowsiness. (Note: Description is informational only. Please refer to ingredients label on product prior to use and address any health questions to your Health Professional prior to use.

Product Description

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Plantiva has re-defined the state-of-the-art for natural health supplements:

AllerDX – Highly effective and fast acting – highest quality herbal ingredients – clinically researched.  Experience the difference…Your body will thank you for using your head.™

Plantiva controls all aspects of its product supply chain, which starts with knowing our growers, lab testing every step of the way, starting with the unprocessed plant materials and continuing through the multiple stages of processing to the finished extract materials.


 The Strongest & Most Effective Seasonal Support Available

For those of you who are affected by seasonal changes and airborne elements that plague you from Spring through Summer and well into Fall, AllerDx can help support you through those months.

Taken as directed, AllerDx can help you quickly and effectively when you need it most.

•    Calms histamine reactions within 10 to 20 minutes*
•    Improves nasal air flow with respect to seasonal environmental sensitivities and challenges*
•    Moderates the body’s reaction to the external environment *
•    All-natural, proprietary formulation of herbal extracts
•    Manufactured under stringent controls to ensure quality

AllerDx was developed by an international team of doctors to provide optimal support to your immune system as you go about your day-to-day activities. Maintaining health in today’s world is a challenging task and your immune system could use the best support you can give it.

AllerDx is made from the highest-quality all-natural ingredients and manufactured to strict specifications to insure that every time you turn to AllerDx for support, you are getting the absolute best support  they provide. They say that with confidence, because they have tested AllerDx in clinical and laboratory studies and demonstrated it is effective. And our customers tell us it works!

AllerDx is designed to improve immune system tolerance to your environment.

“I used AllerDx and just like Zen Remedies said…It really helped.” Mike Q – GA

“My daughter sent me a bottle of AllerDx and I thought, I have nothing to lose so I’ll try it. And, it works great!” Ken W– CA

It is becoming increasingly common for people to develop immune defenses to non-threatening elements of their environment such as flowers, grasses, dust, and pets.

AllerDx incorporates a multi-targeted approach to strengthen and re-balance functional aspects of your general health so that your immune defenses function as intended.
The combination of plant extract ingredients in AllerDx has been developed over years of clinical practice and substantiated in scientific studies undertaken on the same unique and complex formula offered in AllerDx.

AllerDx is available in a 60 vegetarian-capsule bottle.

Psoralea Strengthens the constitution. Warming and nourishing. Kidney and Spleen Yang Tonic.
Xanthium Maintains healthy sinus function, improves breathing.
Chinese Skullcap Reduces environmental sensitivities. Liver detoxifying.
Gardenia Reduces excess heat. Reduces hypersensitivity.  Promotes healthy inflammatory immune function.
Bupleurum Regulates liver. Defends against harsh environmental conditions. Improves temperature regulation.
Chrysanthemum Clears the eyes. Calms hyperactive liver heat.
Betelnut husk Helps maintain clear lungs and regulates fluid metabolism.
Schisandra Astringes mucus membranes and blood vessels.
Jujube Seed Calms hypersensitivity in the nervous system.
Schizonepeta Regulates the body’s interaction with the external environment. Improves temperature regulation.
Asian Plantain Helps maintain clear lungs and improves fluid metabolism.
– Other Ingredients Vegetable capsule, tapioca starch, organic rice powder, silica, magnesium stearate.

AllerDx Clinical Studies

AllerDx has been tested in two randomized, placebo-controlled, double blind, crossover clinical trials. Study results showed that within 10-20 minutes, the subjects that received AllerDx began to show significantly improved nasal airflow compared to subjects that received placebo.

One trial was a three-day study and the other was a longer one-month study.  In each trial subjects with histories of seasonal environmental sensitivity completed both placebo (n=20) and treatment (n=20) group protocols. Study results showed that within 10-20 minutes, the subjects who received AllerDx showed statistically significant improvement in an objective measurement of nasal airflow compared to subjects that received placebo.

In a four week study, subjects were significantly less reactive to histamine after taking 3 capsules per day for the first two weeks and 2 capsules per day for the second two week period, demonstrating a preventive health maintenance immune system benefit.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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3 reviews for Plantiva Aller Dx (1x60CAP )

  1. admin
    5 out of 5


    I live in Atlanta and the pollen is horrible here. Been getting bad headaches and eye has been watering but ever since I tried Aller DX I have had no problems. Thanks for a great product and to Zen Remedies for all the info on the product!!

  2. Val W.
    5 out of 5


    Love this product! Works great!

  3. Kelly j.
    5 out of 5


    I wasn’t feeling good at all, and a friend told me to try this out. all I Can say it works really great

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